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Yuen Fat Fisheries (China branch) is located in Weizhou, China.

We have a huge mud pond, large fish ponds and fish houses.

Some species are available throughout the whole year.

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For those seasonal species, the fish is only supplied when in season, depending on the weather and breeding season.

Yuen Fat not only breed their own fish, but also imports different species of fish from other provinces. In order to provide more variety for our customers.

We have a huge mud pond to cultivate large fancy goldfish.

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We have over 300 large ponds for breeding different species of fancy goldfish.

Yuen Fat can supply both quality and quantity fish for our customers’ need because its staff is well trained with rich experience.

Yuen Fat prepares all the shipment carefully from selecting good fish to packing the fish.

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We prepare every step of a shipment very carefully and diligently.

All the staff is experienced, therefore almost all our customers appreciate their hard work which shows through in the supplied shipments.

We can apply for Health Certificate (HC) for the fish. We can also apply for Certificate of Origin (CO) for our shrimps.

Fish Farm in China 13

We select fish, pack and apply for HCs or COs for our fish or shrimps according to our customers’ requirements.


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